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We are a small firm located in Revere and Lowell that have been around since 2013.
Every case is treated equality and 100% professionally.
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Rosa and Taing launched their own law office to help fill the void for unmet legal service needs to the greater Boston area and surrounding communities. In pursuing this goal, we have committed ourselves to assisting real people during times in their lives with the greatest need; to educate, counsel, advise and help understand legal rights and overcome basic legal challenges.

If you ever thought legal services were out of reach, think again! Our office take on a proactive role with each case to ensure that each client’s needs are well understood from the start of the legal relationship. In addition, with the majority of services being offered at flat rates, each client will know right from the start exactly what to expect to pay for legal representation.

If you have a concern over your legal rights, please contact The Law Office of Rosa and Taing to schedule a free consultation. You may also reach the Law Offices ofRosa and Taing at, at 978-458-0934, or through our contact page.


Civil Litigation

It doesn’t matter if you’re the plaintiff or the defendant, Rosa Law, LLC has experience with the civil procedure requirements to properly commence, pursue and achieve your desire results.


Should you file for bankruptcy? If so, file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? What about the positive and negative implications? Let us help you decide what’s the best option for you.

Family Immigration

Are you a citizen or permanent resident looking to bring your loved ones to the Unites States? Do you need assistance applying for a visa for your child, spouse or parent? Rosa Law can help.

Landlord – Tenant Law

Need help drafting a new lease for an apartment? Do you need clarification regarding security deposits? Are you behind on your rent? Has your building been foreclosed or sold? Are you are being evicted?

Consumer Protection Law

Consumers and businesses are protected against unfair or deceptive trades or practices by any business in the Commonwealth.


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Attorney Rosa has faced many challenges in accomplishing his career goal of becoming an attorney. Attorney Rosa has four sisters and one brother. He was born in El Salvador and lived there until he was eight years old. In 1990, as a result of the ongoing civil war, his parents brought him and his three sisters (four children at the time), to Boston, Massachusetts, to be educated and seek better opportunities.

Not speaking a single word of English, Francisco was immediately enrolled in the James Otis Elementary School, where he quickly excelled in his language skills.

Francisco then attended the Umana/Barnes Middle School (n/k/a Mario Umana Academy).

Francisco then attended 9th grade at East Boston High School, and then finished his education (10th through 12th grade) at the John D. O’Bryan School of Math in Science in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Francisco went on to college, attending the University of Massachusetts, in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Francisco J. Rosa, Attorney


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